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You might be wondering why you should even bother removing a tree stump? There are a few reasons why getting rid of the old wood is beneficial for your yard and garden. The most obvious reason is aesthetics. An ugly tree stump can detract from the beauty of your garden, so getting rid of it will enhance your landscaping. Secondly, if the tree stump is in the middle of your garden or is in the way of installing a walkway, driveway or patio, or otherwise making a space unusable, getting rid of it is usually the only option. Old tree stumps that have been in your garden for years can rot and start to attract mould and fungi, which can contaminate the rest of your garden, harming or even killing other plant life. Of course, removing a tree stump will also prevent an unwanted tree from growing back.

We examine the area where the tree stump was and check to make sure we have cut at least 10 centimetres below the surface of the ground and that we have cut away the entire stump. Once we are sure we have removed the entire tree stump, we can use a rake and shovel to remove all the wood chips. You can use this as mulch in your garden or add it to your compost pile.


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Now, you are probably left with an ugly hole in the middle of your garden, but don’t worry! You can easily fill the hole and make it blend in with the rest of your garden. If it is in the lawn, fill the hole with sod or soil and grass seeds. If it is in your garden, you can simply add some good soil and plant flowers or vegetables in it as you normally would. After the stump is removed, it won’t detract from the beauty of your garden and won’t get in the way when you try to mow your lawn, host a party or install new features.

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